"Is there a problem with my burger?"


The Walking Dead Game Episode 5: No Going Back

"I could’ve done more and that ain’t up for debate. I know it in my bones… and I’ve gotta live with it."


Friendly reminder to all my ace friends that you are still asexual if:

  • you are not sex repulsed
  • you want sex
  • hell you may even love sex

Asexual means not feeling sexual attraction and I know there are a lot of jokes floating around on tumblr that paint aces in a no-sex-ever kind of way but being interested in sex is super normal just like not being interested in sex is normal okay

love you goobers bye

What I’ve done cannot be undone. I cannot stop what I’ve put in motion. But, perhaps, I can keep it from ever starting. He was my first hope, and now he is my last.

"I’m not the good guy anymore."

He fights because he’s always had to, he’s always had his back up against the wall. x